A new year….but no new planner?

Y’all….I love planners.  All kinds.  I love the feeling of the empty pages and the new gel pens I always get to go along with them.  I’ve tried all the kinds.  The ones from Walmart that cost a couple of bucks?  Tried ’em and hated ’em.  The personalized ones you order online?  Those were always my fave.  Notice I said were.  Because I have discovered…


Now don’t get me wrong- the last few planners I’d customized online were great.  But there always seemed to be some element of it that just didn’t fit with my life. On top of that, there always seemed to be something missing.  I teach special education so I do LOTS and LOTS of paperwork.  I’m also driven by to do lists both at school and at home.  So when I discovered the bullet journal, it sort of changed my life.  No more am I limited to pre-printed pages telling me what’s important and what I need to prioritize.  Instead these beautiful empty dotted pages allow me to create a planner and organizer for what I need at that particular moment in time.

It’s a planner.  But with SOUL.

I’m currently about 3 months into my first bullet journal but so far have no regrets.  I’ve found so many weekly layout ideas on Pinterest and am tweaking it to be exactly what I need.  Currently, this is the layout I’ve found to be most useful.  I also include a simply monthly layout and a future log in the front. (And it helps my teacher brain keep track of A days and B days which is also super helpful!)

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I use this bullet journal from Amazon.  So far it’s been great and I have no plans to change it anytime soon.  But with any organizational tool, I’ll use this until it stops working for this season in my life.

As I’ve mentioned before, my multiple sclerosis causes difficulty in most areas of my life.  As a result of my MS, my cognitive skills aren’t always on their A-game.  My bullet journal helps me remember, organize, and be as productive as I can be.  It’s not a pretty bullet journal like so many I see online.  There’s no fancy washi tape or handlettering.  I decided I was going to do what worked for me and not worry about anything beyond that.

Each day, I write a to-do list for both school and home as well as my overall goals for the week and a list of 5-7 meals that I can make that week.  I don’t worry about making mistakes or scratching things out when they don’t work.  As with most things, do what works for you!

Here’s a few of my bullet journal supplies that are working for me right now-

  1.  I use this journal and this pen holder.
  2. These are my FAVORITE pens.  While I might not care about fancy designs or decorations, I’m a bit of a pen snob.


Any other bullet journal users out there?  What are you favorite planners?