Eat from the Freezer Challenge Update #1

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The other day, I posted about all the food I found in my freezer and how many meals I could make from it.  And that night I stuck with the plan and made a really yummy beef vegetable soup using this soup mix (which we LOVE!).

And THEN we ate out for two nights in a row. #fail

At the dentist office after school. While our trip to the dentist was fine, her attitude was shared by us all. Hence, going to Chick Fil A. Because it’s our happy place.

Obviously, I can’t seem to commit to this whole “eat from the freezer” thing for more than 24 hours.  Maybe it’s just because it’s January and I’m still trying to find my post-Christmas break teacher mojo or maybe it’s because our school schedule was all wonky this week, or maybe I’m just lazy.  Truthfully, it’s probably a combination of all three.

So, I’m on a quest for some accountability.  Like I mentioned before, I don’t assign meals to certain days of the week during the off season.  Football season meal planning is a whole different beast for another day.  Right now in my bullet journal, I have 8 different meals that I can easily make this week from what’s in my freezer.  I pick one either the night before or that morning and thaw any needed ingredients.

Obviously, we eat very simple “meat and potatoes” meals and they can all be prepared quickly after I get home from work.

Tonight’s “eat from the freezer” meal was supposed to be a baked chicken alfredo, salad, and French bread. We ending up eating out tonight because we ran later than expected after visiting with my sweet grandpa after school so my husband offered to meet us at one of our favorite pizza places (major husband points!)

Instead of making it for dinner tonight, I decided to go ahead and make the chicken Alfredo (since the chicken was already thawed) and portion into lunch sized containers for the rest of the week.

My recipe for the chicken alfredo is basically the same as this link, but I didn’t make my own alfredo sauce.

*Note: I cook large amounts of chicken, shred it, and put into two cup freezer portions.*

This recipe is also very freezer friendly.  I didn’t freeze any today because I don’t like to cook, thaw, and then refreeze meat. However, if I did freeze this, I’d put it in a foil pan like this one, cover in several layers of foil, label with the food and date, and throw that thing in the deep freezer!

My goal for the next few weeks is to post every few days about what we’re eating from the pantry and freezer and how well I’m staying on track.  Hopefully, this will also encourage you to meal plan and maybe even have a freezer/pantry challenge of your own!

(And hopefully keep me out of Chick FilA!)