Freezer Challenge Update #2

For the last few days, we’ve been focused on eating exclusively from the pantry and freezer stash.  While I definitely got off to a rough start with it, we’ve eaten at home the last two nights. Here’s the scoop on what’s been on our table the last few days.

Thursday- Breaded Pork Tenderloin

Y’all- this was SO good!  My in-laws made a huge batch of canned tenderloin as Christmas gifts and we scored some canned tenderloin as well as several bags of sliced frozen tenderloin.  We thawed a package of the sliced tenderloin, breaded it with flour and egg, fried in a cast iron skillet, and made gravy with the drippings.  And when I saw we,  I mean my husband because he is the official gravy maker in our house.  I have zero skill in this area.  ZERO.

Friday- Taco Soup with chicken

This recipe used up the last of my cooked and shredded chicken (which was the oldest food in the freezer and needed to be used up).  What I love about this recipe is that’s it’s a “dump in the slow cooker and forget about it” recipe.  I just put the ingredients below into my slow cooker this morning and didn’t think about it again until dinner time. Win!

Not pictured: packet of ranch dressing seasonings.

Slowly but surely we’re plugging through our freezer stash.  My goal is to eat dinner next week using only freezer and pantry items and buy as few lunch and breakfast items as possible.  That should free up a decent amount of my grocery budget to restock the freezer over the next few weeks.  I have about 8 possible meal ideas ready for next week- hopefully I’ll stay on track this time! 🙂