My 31 Cent Breadsticks

A couple of week ago I scored this discounted French bread at Walmart. Not a thing wrong with it except it was expiring the next day. So I grabbed a few loaves and put them in my freezer. Even at full price, Walmart’s French bread is always a good deal at $1 (and they’ll even slice it for you). I usually pretty much always have at least a few loaves on hand.

Tonight I used the French bread to make some cheesy garlic breadsticks. Here’s my cast of characters:

The whole process is easy as pie- mix room temperature butter, some garlic powder, and shredded cheese together until soft. Then spread on the sliced bread. (I usually cut mine in fourths).

You’ll notice there’s no measurements for the garlic, cheese, and butter. That’s all personal preference on how cheesy and much garlic taste you’d prefer. I tend to put a pretty large amount of all ingredients. I never want to end a meal wishing I had put more butter and cheese in something. 🙂

Depending on how brown I want the bread, I’ll either bake at 350 or broil it. Tonight I’m cooking it with my lasagna so I went for 350 until sufficiently melted. Yummy!