A tale of meatloaf and leftover chicken

This past weekend, I was pretty much out of commission. Other than a Saturday morning trip to urgent care, I pretty much kept myself and my nasty sinus infection contained in the house. My sweet husband cooked and cleaned on Saturday and even cooked another meal of tenderloin from our post- Christmas stash.

By Sunday morning, I was feeling better but not feeling like cooking a big meal yet. In the freezer I found a bag of four mini meat loaves (meatloaf frozen in a muffin tin but uncooked) and four bone-in chicken thighs. Neither was enough for a full meal but I figured we could piece meal (pun intended) together enough for a decent lunch for the four of us. (Even though I really just wanted to text my husband and have him bring home takeout after church!)

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But I resisted the temptation for takeout and pulled out my trusty Instant Pot.

Seriously, I love this thing! I threw the four completely frozen chicken thighs (because I am not feeling well enough to plan ahead) in with a couple of cups of water and cooked on high pressure for 25 minutes. While it was cooking, I took the four muffin tins meatloaves and put them in a greased muffin tin and cooked at 350 degrees for roughly 30 minutes (until cooked through).

So back to my chicken- when it finished in the instant pot, I took it out, shredded it, and added my favorite BBQ sauce and warmed it up in the oven with my meatloaf.

So what did we end up eating for lunch this past Sunday? The shredded chicken was added to slider buns (also from the freezer) for mini BBQ sandwiches for my husband and myself and the girls ate meatloaf with leftover mashed potatoes from the previous night’s tenderloin dinner. Add in some leftover side dishes from the fridge, chips, and fruit and you’ve got yourself a meal!

While it was far from a gourmet meal, it was frugal, from the freezer, and easy to prepare. As I head into this last week or so of my freezer challenge, our meals are going to get a bit more “random” and require more creativity on my part. But when I use my extra grocery money to restock my freezer, it’ll totally be worth it!