Freezer Pancakes

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We had a couple of inches of snow last week and in the south that means one thing- multiple days out of school! (I know you Northerners probably think that’s crazy but alas, it’s true.) So I used my unexpected days out of work to stock my freezer with several easy breakfast foods.

My first (and easiest) freezer food was simply extra pancakes from today’s breakfast. Use whatever pancake recipe you want, double or triple your recipe, and freeze it.

After we ate breakfast and all the extra pancakes had cooled, I put them in a single layer on my favorite baking sheet and flash froze them for about an hour.

After they were frozen just enough, I put them in a gallon sized bag and labeled it. Again, you whatever recipe you want (I usually just make Bisquick pancakes). When you’re ready to eat them, take whatever amount of pancakes you want and reheat in a toaster or microwave.

I also freeze waffles the same way. The key is just to flash freeze them so they won’t stick together when you take them out of the bag. Freezer pancakes are definitely one of our favorite ways to eat a hot breakfast in a hurry,

What are your favorite easy breakfasts?