How my 1960’s Green Carpet is Teaching Me Contentment

We bought our brick ranch home about 5 years ago. Great neighborhood, great location, and we scored a pretty sweet deal on the asking price. When the inspector came before closing, he said he’d rarely seen a house so well maintained. We knew it was solid house in great condition. Except it had been well maintained since 1965.

Enter the green carpet.

The plush, thick, high end, meticulously maintained GREEN CARPET.   That’s in the living room and two bedrooms.

Y’all, it’s the bane of my existence. I have no words to accurately describe my dislike of my 1960’s green carpet. I’m not sure why the carpet bothers me more than the yellow tile in the bathroom or the Brady Bunch-like intercom boxes (for real, they’re in every room!) but it does.

So why don’t we just replace it?

We’ve committed to keeping it until we’ve saved enough to replace it with the type of flooring we want long term.  Replacing the carpet with hardwood could also require us replacing the flooring in several other rooms (so they’ll all match) and it would be an expensive and lengthy renovation.  So, the green carpet lives to see another day.  Truthfully, it’s probably going to live to see a WHOLE lot of days….

Anyway, so how does my disdain for the carpet teach me contentment?  

Because of this.

And this.

And this.

As I looked through the pictures I’ve stored online the other day, I realized how many moments the green carpet has been the backdrop for.

Because of the age of carpet (and it’s color), I don’t worry if it gets played on.

Or eaten on.

Or- ahem- anything else that young children might do to carpet.

So, in that way, my green carpet chills me out as a mom.  It doesn’t look anywhere as nice as it did on the day we moved but you know what?  We’ve lived on it!  It’s seen farm toys (because it’s perfect for a pretend horse pasture), playroom sleepovers (because it’s soft and comfy), and tons of family TV/movie nights.

Do I still want new carpet or hardwood?  Ummm…..yes a million times over!

Is it worth going into tons of debt over?  No.  Nada. No way.

Is it something I should apologize over every time someone comes in my house?  No- because you’re probably secretly glad I don’t care when you kid spills something on it! 🙂

My carpet is just one little aspect of my life where I feel like the Lord is teaching me patience and contentment.  To wait on Him, to not wish my kids’ childhoods away, and to be diligent with the resources he’s provided.

What are YOU learning to be content about?

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  1. Love this! 😉 We bought our house in 2015 and I totally understand!! Ours was built in 1989 so not as old but…it has beautiful (sarcasm) blue countertops! Blue is my favorite color but, not the country duck blue! You know that era where everyone’s kitchen was done in those country ducks on the wall and blue everywhere. But everyone knows a kitchen remodel is the most expensive. So, we wait. That kitchen has had many memories already tho and I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything 🙂

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