Favorite Things: February 2018

I don’t know about where you are, but February has flown by in our house!  Between work, school, a family wedding, and SO.MANY.SICK.DAYS we’ve been going non stop since the month started! Here are a few things I’ve loved this month!

*Note:  Amazon affiliate links below.*

Meal Prep/Bento Box Lunch Containers

I bought these initially to cut down on the number of sandwich bags I was sending in my kids’ lunches and to “encourage” me to pack their lunches completely the night before.  I don’t know about you, but I always seem to pack a lunch faster if it’s all in one container instead of 6 different baggies and food containers. It’s probably all psychological manipulation but whatever works, right?  It was working well until my 5 year old decided she didn’t like her sandwich touching ANYTHING else in her lunchbox.

Well, there goes that idea.

Initially, I had thought that I had wasted my money but then I started using it to meal prep for our adult lunches and freeze individual meals.

Now?  They can keep their sandwich bags!  These things are mine! 🙂

They’re easy to open, freeze like a charm and are a great size for the lunch bag I bring to work each day. So far, I haven’t noticed any staining from food and they’re doing great in the dishwasher.  I got the pack of 12 so I had plenty to prep ahead of time.

Fiesta Dishes:

Ten years ago when we got married, we registered for dark green Fiesta dishes from Belk.  Because if you’re from the south, you know that you HAVE to register at Belk or your grandma will either hurt you in person or turn over in her grave.  So, dark green dishes.  Not sure what I was thinking but right after the wedding we exchanged all those dark green dishes for sets of Fiesta dishes in scarlet.

We’ve used them pretty much every single day since then with zero regrets.  I love the red but we have other serving dishes, bowls, and plates in several of their other colors. They’re heavy and big enough for our purposes, they’re my favorite color, and they integrate well with my holiday dishes and my grandmother’s china I use for special occasions.

Love my Fiesta canisters too!

Last week, on a trip to the mountains, we stopped several places with discounted and discontinued Fiesta colors and I was stoked to realize the value these dishes still have.  We will definitely NOT be swapping out our dishes anytime soon!

Paper Mate Flair Pens (But only in Black!)

I love any kind of paper mate flair pen. They’re hands down without a doubt my favorite.  I love using them for both my bullet journal and my new planner but I didn’t always want to use tons of different colors.  Don’t get me wrong- I love using different colors if I’m color coding something.  However, if I’m writing in my planner, I want all the colors the same.  And by the same I mean black.  Yes, I’m weird.  This is no shock to me.

The colored pens always seen to be swiped by little girls who have very important things to write!

Anyway, I loved it when I found this pack of all black Paper Mate Flaire medium tip pens on Amazon last week!

Mrs. Grass soup mix

During the winter, our family eats soup at least 1-2 a week.  Depending on the weather and our schedule, sometimes it’s more.  We used to be able to find these Mrs. Grass brand beef vegetable soup starters in our local grocery store but now I’ve only been able to find them online.  Back in the late fall, we bought this 8 pack of soup mix and enjoyed them throughout the winter!  Add some stew meat with water and the mix to the slow cooker and dinner is served!  Even our girls will eat this soup and that’s saying something!

That’s all for me this month!  What are some of YOUR favorite products right now?