Welcome to heidiravenscraft.com!  I’m Heidi- a full time special education teacher, wife to a high school social studies teacher/football coach, and mom to two daughters!  Within my circle of friends, I’m known as the one who always has a plan (to a fault sometimes), loves to pack her freezer full of food, and loves enjoying Friday night football with the family.  Welcome to my new little corner of the internet!

Christmas Break Recap

As a two teacher/parent household, we’re incredibly lucky to have two weeks off together with our kiddos. It’s a privilege we don’t take lightly and we travel together as often as time and finances allow.  We spent the first part of the holidays celebrating Christmas at home in South Carolina and then spent our last week in Missouri with my husband’s family.

So many Christmas cookies!

Our girls are always thrilled to head to “the farm” and all the fun that it entails. Missouri was COLD this trip and most days it didn’t get above 20 degrees.  That’s pretty stinkin’ cold for us folks from the south!

This year, my oldest decided to complete her science fair project on the farm using her great-uncle’s horse “Chubby”.  We (i.e.- everyone but her) were all a bit doubtful whether he would be cooperative but apparently the cold made him MUCH more willing to have his memory tested by a 7 year old.  In case you’re wondering, horses CAN identify pictures- who knew?

Any of you have any good Christmas stories….or hints on making science fair boards?